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Brake discs for Porsche 911 G SC Carrera 3.2 FRONT SPORT

Product number: 7110
219,93 €
Brake discs for Porsche 911 G SC Carrera 3.2 FRONT SPORT

Only for commercial customers

Brake discs and brake pads are among the most important wearing parts of motor vehicles. Failure of the brake system can cause serious consequences. Therefore, brake discs and brake pads should be checked and replaced at regular intervals.
Analogous to brake pads, worn brake discs are noticeable by a reduction in braking power and a significantly longer braking distance. In the braking process, there may also be vibrations in the steering wheel or lateral breakaway of the vehicle.
When the brake disc is replaced, the brake pads should also be renewed in any case. In addition, in the case of brake systems with a warning contact, it should definitely be replaced as soon as it has been triggered.

In addition to brake discs and other brake system components, you will find many other spare parts for your Porsche model in our store.

The company Sebro was founded in 1974 in Schwaigern and since then began with the production of brake discs and brake drums. In the meantime, the product portfolio has been expanded to include the development and production of engines, transmission and chassis parts. Sebro products are manufactured 100% in Germany based on more than 40 years of experience as well as by materials of outstanding quality.

Reference numbers:
91135104123, 911.351.041.23, 911 351 041 23

Scope of delivery:
According to illustration

Suitable for:
911 G Carerra 3.2
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