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History Transaxle

History of transaxle:

Already in the 1960s, Porsche was thinking of developing a sports car that would offer not only lush performance but also a higher level of comfort and driving safety. For the driving stability a uniform axle load distribution was indispensable, whereby the Transaxleconcept came up as an outstanding construction principle. Classic Porsche principles such as the air-cooled engine in the rear were thrown overboard and a water-cooled engine for the front end was chosen. To realize the uniform axle load, the gearbox was placed on the rear axle. The mass centers of engine and transmission are thereby far away from the vertical axis of the vehicle and thus produce a high degree of driving stability, especially at higher speeds. The development was until then still the Porsche 928, when VW gave the order to Porsche to construct the successor of the VW Porsche 914. So why not miss the little brother of the planned Gran Turismo (928), the same drive concept?

Ultimately, VW withdrew from the project and it was the titled as entry-level Porsche 924 and the predecessor of the Porsche 944, which in turn may call predecessor of the Porsche 968.

In the cast-iron 911 fan base, the transaxle models have really only been successful over the last few years: whether it's the enthusiasm for the 928's powerful V8 engines, the light-footedness of the 924 or the angular design and solidity of the 944s. If you want to spare your air-cooled garage gold from frequent warm-up and bad weather conditions, you are welcome to use the undoubtedly suitable and reliable transaxles as a "second porsche". Of course, even if at a different price level, these vehicles are among the most exciting and at the same time safest investments of today.

And even 20-30 years after their first delivery, 924, 944 and 968 are the most popular entry-level porters: today in the growing global youngtimer and classic car fan base.
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