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E3 48x15 gear wheel for VDO speedometer instrument cluster odometer repair

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  • 2027
  • partworks
E3 48x15 gear wheel for VDO speedometer instrument cluster odometer repair Description:... more
E3 48x15 gear wheel for VDO speedometer instrument cluster odometer repair

In the VDO instruments, the odometer (not the speedometer) is reduced over 2 stages, i.e. each drive consists of 3 gears: E1, E2 and E3.

- The driving gear wheel E1 is identical for all and has 12 teeth.
- The gear wheel E2 (double gearwheel) is also identical for all, flat on the back (no collar) and has 48x12 teeth.
- The gear wheel E3 (double gear wheel) has a collar on the back and exists in 9 variants with different numbers of teeth.

For a repair, we recommend replacing all 3 gears:
After removal, please count the teeth of the E3 gearwheel and order the corresponding variant in the store. We have only provided separate set offers for assignments known beyond doubt (vehicle model to gearwheel variant).

The following variants of the double gearwheel E3 exist:

You will find the exact designation in the respective offer title. Use the search function in the store and search for E1, E2 or E3.

Our gears are injection-molded from high-quality thermoplastic material: This enables very good dimensional accuracy and an involute shape of the teeth, which are particularly gentle on the partner gear.
We have all gears for VDO and other instrument manufacturers in our range and can therefore also supply additional gears or exchange incorrectly ordered gears if required.

Buying a used speedometer may save you the trouble of having to repair it, but there is a risk that the gear wheel will break in the near future. In particular, storage times and cold temperatures cause additional damage to the gears.
If you have disassembled the speedometer, we also recommend replacing the bulbs. These lose performance noticeably over the years. They are available from every car dealership and accessories store.

If you disassemble the speedometer beforehand, please note that the shaft of the speedometer needle is very sensitive. Grip the speedometer needle in the middle and turn it anticlockwise. Pull gently. Friction is all that keeps the needle on the shaft.

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