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Speedometer gears for MERCEDES SL SLC R107 SL280 instrument cluster SET

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Speedometer gears for MERCEDES SL SLC R107 SL280 instrument cluster SET Excellent... more
Speedometer gears for MERCEDES SL SLC R107 SL280 instrument cluster SET

Excellent processing quality

If the odometer/daily odometer on your vehicle has failed, then the gears shown are usually the cause. In most cases, one of the gears breaks and the drive stalls.
We advise commercial customers in particular to replace these three gears immediately. After replacing one damaged gearwheel, the partner gearwheel often fails a short time later. Replacing all three ensures that the drive will function for a long time.

We also have a repair gear in the store for older models with a mechanical drive!

In individual cases, there may be deviations in the number of teeth on the 280 E3. Ideally, you should check the number of teeth on the E3 before purchasing. We will send you the standard version without this information.

We have over 100 gear wheel variants in our range and can supply the right gear wheels if required!

+ all alternative sizes always in stock
+ Fast exchange service for size deviations

We will send you illustrated repair instructions (German/English) for the repair by email.

+ No hassle with used speedometers, which can also fail at any time
+ low repair costs thanks to "do it yourself" solution
+ you preserve the originality of your vehicle and the correct mileage
+ no downtime due to return shipments to repair service providers

Our gears are manufactured with great care and true to the original using the injection molding process and are not 3D-printed in-house components. We work with a manufacturer that specializes in the production of plastic gears and is the global market leader with its repair solutions.
The so-called involute tooth geometry is retained, which is the only way to ensure low-friction sliding of the tooth flanks between the gear pairs.
The material we use is the thermoplastic Celron with graphite additives. These ensure low friction and wear-free operation.

If you disassemble the speedometer in advance, please note that the shaft of the speedometer needle is very sensitive. Grip the speedometer needle in the center and turn it counterclockwise. Pull gently. Friction is all that keeps the needle on the shaft.

partworks GmbH is a German company that specializes in reverse engineering and the sale of spare parts for Porsche. Particular emphasis is placed on high quality and excellent service. More than 130,000 car fans around the world are already satisfied customers of the Paderborn-based company. As a specialist company for classic car spare parts, we are aware of the quality requirements of our customers. That's why you can be sure that the requirements for new developments are based very closely on the original and sometimes even exceed them. With our own engineering department and internal testing, we can ensure the reliability of our products. Last but not least, our DIN-ISO-9001-certified quality management confirms the thoroughness of our work. If you see the manufacturer specification partworks, this means that it is either an in-house development or an article from an original equipment manufacturer (OE quality). Original equipment manufacturers are those manufacturers who have supplied the original product to the vehicle manufacturer but cannot be active on the open market under their own brand.

Reference numbers:
A1075420057,   A10.754.200.57,   A10 754 200 57
A1075420801,   A10.754.208.01,   A10 754 208 01
A1075421257,   A10.754.212.57,   A10 754 212 57
A1075421701,   A10.754.217.01,   A10 754 217 01
A1075429010,   A10.754.290.10,   A10 754 290 10
A0035422316,   A00.354.223.16,   A00 354 223 16
A0125425306,   A01.254.253.06,   A01 254 253 06

Scope of delivery:
3 gear wheels

Suitable for:
Mercedes-Benz SL280 (type R107) with electronic speedometer signal (=no speedometer cable)
->all models from '81-'89 for KMH and MPH variants.
ATTENTION in individual cases there may be deviations in the number of teeth of the E3.
Ideally, you should check before buying.
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Brand Model Type Platform Year of manufacture Motor Restrictions
Mercedes-Benz SL 280 SL R107 1974/08-1985/07 2746 ccm, 136 KW, 185 PS
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