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Porsche 911 F model spare parts

Technical data

The Porsche 911, also known as „Neunelfer“ or „Elfer“ is considered the most popular model of the Stuttgart car manufacturer. The original model of the 911 was presented for the first time at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main in 1963 and was regarded as a major development advance. Today, the 911 is regarded as the epitome of the Porsche brand. Initially, the model was presented under the designation Porsche 901, but then had to be renamed into the model known today. The reason for this was that three-digit numbers with a zero in the middle were protected as type designation for Peugeot models.

Responsible for the design of the model was Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who, in addition to the functionality of the trunk, also considered the high recognition value of the model in the form of round headlights to be significant. In addition, the Porsche 356 is very similar to the previous model. Together with Austrian car designers he developed the design for the original model of the Porsche 911.

Motor and prices

In the beginning the model was only available as Coupé available and later, since 1967, as Targa. Especially the chassis with horse legs and wishbones in the front and a rear suspension with a sloping handlebars was regarded as the most important innovation besides the six-cylinder engine. The air-cooled boxer engine in the rear of the first model from 1963 had an initial output of 130 HP. The reason for this innovation was the greater smoothness of running. After almost ten years the Porsche 911 S had an output of 190 hp. Another special feature of the Porsche 911 is the ignition on the left side of the steering column. This position is used in motor sports to start the engine before getting into the car.

The basic 911 model with 130 HP engine was given the designation 911 L in 1968, where L stands for ""luxury"". The following models got the designation 911 T (Touring), 911 E and 911 S. These models all differed not only in their motorization but also in their equipment.

At the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris in 1972, the Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 was presented as a special sports version of the 911. This model was planned as a small series of 500 unité in order to get a registration as a racing car. The power was 210 HP.

The Porsche 911 has been continuously improved over the course of its fifty years of history and is now a sought-after restoration object.

Porsche 911 F spare parts

In our store you will find a wide range of cheap Porsche 911 spare parts in original equipment qualità for all assemblies such as engine, drive, chassis, light and electronics, body, exhaust system and many more.

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